Roger Watson Jewellers
Unit - C 236 Osborne St. South
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3L 2W2
(p) 1-204-956-2096
(f) 1-204-947-0451

About Us

It all began when a young couple had an idea, a thought that with a lot of hard work, ideals, integrity and experience they could build a business of their own. Roger had the background in the industry. He had worked his way up the corporate ladder over 17 years at the firm of Henry Birks and Sons to become the manager of the fine jewellery department for the lower mainland in the B.C. operation of the company.

Karen, who also began her career at Henry Birks and Sons, had the accounting and bookkeeping knowledge. Together, in 1979, they opened Roger Watson Jewellers. With a very young family to look after, Roger managed the retail operation while Karen looked after the paperwork and finances from home.

Years later, their dream continues. Flourishing into a successful business that includes their daughter Heather a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologist, son John GIA Graduate Jewellery Designer and his wife Christine. Roger Watson Jewellers is a family owned and operated Canadian business.