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Custom Design & Design Process

Custom Design

Custom jewellery

Unable to find that unique piece of jewellery you are looking for?

Would you like to modify an existing piece of jewellery?

Do you have items in your jewellery box that you don't wear any longer and would like to turn them into something new and exciting for yourself or a loved one?

Let us help!

Whether you have an idea doodled on a napkin or are starting right from scratch. we can help your dream piece become a reality! At Roger Watson Jewellers custom design and remounting is our specialty. Give us a call or an email to set up an appointment, we would be happy to meet with you.

Design Process

The design process begins with a meeting to discuss the project. This is where we will take the time to go over styles that you like and to select gems and materials for the piece. Then we literally take all of the ideas to the drawing board, hand sketches or computer generated images are created. We can help you visualize what your creation will look like prior to working with any materials. Once we have fine tuned the image, a wax model is created for your approval. This gives you a very good idea of what your piece will look like and helps give you the confidence that you will love the final product.