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Helpful Hints

Did you know. Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance. But, they are not impervious to damage. Especially at points or edges of a diamond, a strong blow can cause chipping or even breakage.

Did you know. Diamonds can be scratched by other diamonds. It is important to store all jewellery in a way that items are separated from one another to avoid scratching.

Did you know. It is a good idea to take your jewellery off while you sleep. Removing your rings will give your hands a chance to rest properly as they expand and contract slightly while you sleep. Wearing your rings will constrict this natural process and can cause problems over the years. Also, removing your chains and bracelets while you sleep can reduce wear and damage.

Did you know. Many rings are lost while swimming at the beach or lake. The temperature of the water causes fingers to shrink slightly making it possible for a ring to simply slide off, sometimes completely unnoticed until after the fact.

Helpful hint. When storing a watch for a long period of time, pull out the crown to disconnect the battery, this can extend the life of your battery.

Helpful hint. In need of a quick clean for your jewellery at home? Use a toothbrush, a little bit of baking soda and hot water. The baking soda is a very gentle abrasive that will help remove tarnish and dirt.

Helpful hint. Be cautious with hairspray and fragrances around sensitive organic gems such as pearls, turquoise or amber. The chemicals can discolour and deteriorate these very sensitive materials.